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Anonymous asked: Jared


Oh my Lord. This might be long: you’ve been warned. 

So, I just so happen to like a person with this name. A lot, actually. And it honestly sucks that I like him because one, he can be such an asshole when he wants to be, two, is going off to college. I’ve had many stories that can be shared about a person with this name, but this one happens to be my favorite.

So in school one day, I was casually walking to my next class with my friend. Jared was walking in the opposite direction, and suddenly he grabbed my arm and pulled me to walk in the same direction with him. I told my friend I’d catch up with her later. Jared told me to come skip class with him, and I replied “Are you crazy?! My teacher is going to kill me!” and he responded with “Okay okay, tell you what, I’ll have you in class 5 minutes after the bell. Just come to Office Tech with me.” I agreed to it and walked around with him. He walked into Office Tech as soon at the bell rang, grabbed a paper and then left. So as we were walking to my class we were talking just about anything, then we walked down the hall where my class was; the door was open, down from my classroom is the auditorium, then next to that is a lecture hall. He made a right towards the lecture hall and was like “Come skip class with me in here!” I was really hesitant, but I gave in and followed him into the lecture hall. It was completely empty and he was standing next to the door. I told him I was going to get murdered, and he replied with “Nooo, you’re fine,” And then before I could say anything else, our lips were pressed against each others. When we let go, he smiled at me and his eyes met mine; his beautiful, blue eyes I was so completely mesmerized by and lost in I can’t even explain. My brain hadn’t processed what just happened so, instead of forming sentences for a typical or valid reaction, I made an ass out of myself with nothing coming out but gasps and “oh my god”s and “what just happened”s  I honestly can’t recall a time where a guy has made me happier. “You’ve deserved that for a long time, and I’ve wanted to do that for a while now.”  I told him that I had no idea what to say. He could see that, and replied with “You don’t have to say anything. Now, go to class.” He placed his hand on my face and we kissed again, I think that was the most passionately I’ve ever been kissed tbh. After I walked into class and then received a text from him telling me to come see him, my teacher let me out of class. When I saw Jared, we walked and talked about a lot, roaming the halls. Long explanation short, he explained me his complicated situation of what he was going through at the moment, and I understood, but I told him if he didn’t feel how I felt about him then to not lead me on, because I’ve had my heart and trust broken enough. After kissing me again, he told me to not worry about it, because he isn’t and then he promised me. I finally walked back to class.

That moment had played in my head repeatedly, over and over for God knows how long. I remember every little detail of this memory so vividly. I don’t even think he has the slightest clue of how I feel about him and how big of an impact he has made on my life in such a short amount of time. He can hurt me in any way possible and I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t affect me as it should. For some reason, every little thought and interaction with him makes me so happy I can’t even describe, and it sucks because I know he doesn’t feel the same way and that I’m going to have to let go sooner or later.


Wow I’m a terrible person lolololol

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Bc i try to be you

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